Ganoderma lucidum

Reishi Mushroom/ Lingzhi mushroom,

I have a slight passion when it comes to mushrooms in general and use them in my diet a huge amount ,
A few years ago I had a massive breakdown which prompted a massive change in my life ,time went on and I thought I had got past it ,how wrong was I ,
I have a condition apparently which I feel the need to remove myself out of sink with my actual life I take aspects and twist them this has led to me recently being removed from a large majority of my friends , why did I twist the truth ? The fact is I don’t know I just hit me one day like a massive bolt to the head and I had a moment of clarity but then struggled to deal with it in any logical way in fact made things worse ,

I have had tablets and so on before with no help to how I am at all so insisted on some different help after a friend recommended it to me .
I had a consultation yesterday with a spiritualist when I walked in his first comment to me was to ask why I am insisting on punishing myself hmmmm was it because the doctor had said or can he see into my being I remember thinking ,
Anyway after a few hours of me going from angry to upset to calm and over again he told me my shen was unbalanced and I needed to accept my path and try to balance myself ,
He then asked me if I knew what reishi was and I think he really regretted asking a nerd like me about mushrooms .
Anyway I’ve been prescribed it as a alternative medicine and it has prompted me to share my knowledge on the mushroom itself as it is quite magic medicinally .

The thing I find fascinating about reishi is that it’s a Adaptigenic herb which means in basic talk that its response from person to person is different dependant on there needs it can stimulate your immune system and this can be to strengthen it to fight infection or to balance it in cases of over active systems such as allergies this active ingredient is called triterpenes. The type found in reishi mushrooms is a ganoderic acid that has been proven in studies to ease the symptoms of allergies by stopping the release of histamines. The other active ingredient is polysaccharides, which contain beta glucan. Beta glucan is known for its ability to enhance the immune system as I said either up or down these work in a similar way to steroids .
The reason these are hopefully going to help me is in Chinese medicine reishi is known as a three treasure tonic when used as a tea , in Chinese medicine they beleive we are made up of three treasures also emphasised in tai chi which I get to start next week .

Jing 精 “nutritive essence, essence; refined,
Qi 氣 “vitality, energy, force; spirit, vigor; attitude”
Shen 神 “spirit; soul, mind; supernatural being”

And for us to be able to find contentment our treasures need to be in balance and reishi is said to balance these .
It was first used as recorded in the Eastern Han Dynasty – referred to as “The Mushroom of Immortality” and has been continually used in Eastern culture as a medicine for over two thousand years making it one of the oldest mushrooms mentioned in medical history .
The more I look into this amazing mushroom the more I find it so hard to understand it’s understated use within our society ,
It has proven cancer inhibiting properties and cancer treating properties it has proven benefits for treating leukaemia by decreasing the effects of invasive cells .
You can buy reishi in many form powder,tablets or even dried whole fungi themselves I unfortunately have never come across them in the wild but they are there one thing I must stress is that they a annual and does not actually grow more each year like some perennial polypores, its fruiting body is quite tough and can last for months but is needed in the ecology and please practice sympathetic foraging as always when approaching Ganoderma lucidum as always with any wild foraging .
So fingers crossed and just a point worth mentioning is I’ve just scraped the surface with This quite amazing resource .


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