My wild Dijon mustard

Foraged seeded mustard

Last year I made a lot of preserves , pickles and sauces , making the most of our seasonal foraged item and one of the most popular items I made was a spur of the moment thing,
I was really excited to be taken to a coastal foraging site in Dorset by one of the country’s leading foragers to introduce me to some amazing coastal leeks which I was told the seed heads were up and would make a great addition to my foraged relish, and when we were there we found a large group of seeded black mustard and I couldn’t resist and filled my bag with large haul and at the time not really knowing what I was going to do with them .

Anyway when I got back a few days later I was amazed at the amount of dried seeds that had collected in the base of the bag , and so the brain ticked .
Over the year I collect quite a few seeds and decided to have a go at making some Dijon style mustard and the result I was happy with was very popular at several camp fire meals that I took a jar to so I thought I’d share ,

You will need ,

Take one handful of black mustard seeds (brassica nigra )
For slightly milder taste 50/50 mix with jack by the hedge seeds ,
roast one halve of the seeds and leave one half raw
Add three pinches of Himalayan balsam seeds
Charlock or Wild white Mustard (Sinapis arvensis) flowers twice the volume of seeds
Three spoonfuls of honey
Cider vinegar
Flour to thicken ( I used acorn but corn flour will be fine )

First put all of the petals from the flowers and cover with the cider vinegar ( when taking the petals off the plant be careful where you put your hands after ie eyes ) leave them I’m the vinegar for about twenty minutes giving an occasional stir this should become like a paste ,
Then add the roasted and non roasted seeds and the balsam seeds add the honey and stir , I then leave the mix for about a day or so to allow the flavours to seep together then add the flour until the desired consistency is made ( I add a small amount of the mix to the flour first and mix into a thick paste so it doesn’t lump the mix ) before you place the lid on your jar I put some olive oil to form a seal on the top of the mix

I add the balsam seeds as it give a real nice nutty taste


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