The Blusher ,Amanita rubescens identification

Probably the the most feared family in the fungi world is the agarics and with good reason the family holds some pretty feared fungi , the panther cap , and Destroying Angel are just the tip of the iceberg but within the family are some prized edible mushrooms one that I find in abundance is the blusher Amanita rubescens and due to it’s passing similarities to the panther cap Amanita pantherina , is one that deserves a great deal of attention when identifying .
When I say passing similarities I mean it as on close inspection they are quite different and easy to tell apart

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golden rod , solidago the herbal basics

Solidogo means to make whole

I’ve not really posted anything fully herbal or medical as I don’t have any formal qualification and worry about getting it wrong and miss representing a herb or it’s virtues however anyone who starts on the path of foraging will know that shortly after the interest of edibility hits you the constant questioning of each plants value to us kicks in , Continue reading

Wild edible seeds , From humble beginnings

The humble seed ! It’s the beginning the end and a whole lot in between next time you’ve got one on your plate just take a moment to reflect on the magical journey that infante numbers of those little energy bombs travel every single second of every day since the dawn of time . Continue reading