How I’ve used my foraged food pt2 

Well I’ve been having a pretty fantastic few months busy as a bee but an extremely happy one at that the mushroom season has had a great start giving me some fine hauls of prime edibles and some great meet ups with some fellow foragers but the most exciting prospect was receiving the proof of my book ‘ A foragers lunch , actually holding a accumulation of my ramblings was undoubtedly a massive buzz. 

I’ve wanted to have a stab at a book for a while and writing about my number one skill ( looking after my belly ) seemed to be the obvious route to take and now I’m really close with a release date of February  – March of next year I’m really excited just one last fungi to find and include and I’m done .

So here’s some more of my efforts of utilising wild ingredients into my lunch that hopefully will spark your own imagination .  

  Mussels and cod in a white wine and wild thyme sauce with blanched samphire. 

 Salty seaweed bisque served with egg noodles and a fennel seed crusted bass fillet & crispy seaweed
 Sea sandwort & smoked bacon joint soup seasoned with hogweed & Alexander seeds  
Haw berry & spruce pollen pancakes with wild strawberries and birch sap syrup and elderflower 
   Bath asparagus with pennoni pasta in a truffle sauce .
   Pan fried king prawn in a wild ginger and wall pepper sauce with purslane , sandwort & arrow-grass 
  Scollops on fairy ring champion with grilled hogweed bud 
  Weeds , herb coated cod fillet and wonderfully citrusy fried spruce tips.
   Filo parcel is full of St. George’s with a wild thyme and cream sauce 
Salted and flaked mackerel with a filo wrapped creamed St. George and thyme parcel with garlic flowers 

  St George and sea veg pasta parcels with wild garlic and honey drizzle 

  Seabeet and mixed seaweed quiche laced with blue cheese 

  Crayfish on a wild garlic and elfcup base 
   Trout on hogweed shoots, elfcups and glistening inkcaps severed with bread and radish pesto  

   Coastal veg frittata with foraged spring salad with a balsamic and truffle oil dressing 

  Fillet steak served with Chanterelles & Fairy ring Champignons in a truffle and blue cheese sauce  
  Scallops & black pudding with sauteed hogweed buds , dryads saddle and oak leaf crisps 

  mixed wild mushroom and smoked bacon pies with a oak smoked / wild sage cheese sauce  
  Roadkill pigeon on a sweet and sour compote of summer fruits  

   Roadkill rabbit with chanterelles mixed wild herbs & @edenwildfood s ash key pickle  

  Hogweed and wild thyme puff pastry squares with a sirloin roll with chanterelles ,purslane and sea beet  

 A chaga chocolate tarte , acorn and chaga base with a chaga and cocoa filling  

Seaweed and crab cakes with crispy fried bullrush root  

  Campfire venison and wild mushroom stew 

 Deep-fried reindeer moss with hedgehog fungi sea salt and crushed alexander seed toped with thyme .