Chaga fungi

Inonotus obliquus. clinker polypore, cinder conk, black mass and birch canker polypore. Or natures gift  

 I pick a massive amount of mushrooms/fungi but until this weekend I’ve never had the pleasure of finding my own chaga , I’ve been given good blocks of chaga from friends and have enjoyed many good cups of chaga infusion and people who know me have at one point or another had to put up with me talking about finding my red list which chaga is in the top five ( not particularly rare item just ones that I have yet to find ).

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Getting to know the drunken nudest , The blewits

The wood blewit or blue leg a fantastic winter edible mushroom , apparently the word blewit is derived from old English meaning ‘blue ‘ random as the blewit is defiantly purple maybe lilac but blue ? Ok it’s probably not important but it often enters the crazy musings of this forager . Continue reading

Chicken of the woods , my ideas for preserving

Well the mushroom season is upon us and this year seems to be a strange one starting and stopping with the lack of rain and the high temperatures bringing periods of little growth and then good flushes ,
The fantastically vibrant chicken of the woods has been no exception I at one point was thinking I wouldn’t be finding any as frequent trips to my spots came up short but they came just later than I expected .

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Fungi identification ! How to ask for help

It’s that time of year again , across the country foragers have been once again encapsulated by the hunt !
No matter how much I love foraging for plants there is no comparison to the look of sheer child like excitement that I’ve seen full grown adults experience when finding a prize fungi .
But every year holds the same down side to fungi foraging every competent forager who has a good level of mycological knowledge will be bombarded with requests of help from the thousands of keen and enthusiastic beginners and some like me enjoy the attention but we all have the same nagging fears and hesitations ,

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The Blusher ,Amanita rubescens identification

Probably the the most feared family in the fungi world is the agarics and with good reason the family holds some pretty feared fungi , the panther cap , and Destroying Angel are just the tip of the iceberg but within the family are some prized edible mushrooms one that I find in abundance is the blusher Amanita rubescens and due to it’s passing similarities to the panther cap Amanita pantherina , is one that deserves a great deal of attention when identifying .
When I say passing similarities I mean it as on close inspection they are quite different and easy to tell apart

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