Foraging for some sleep , my use of Valeriana officinalis

Sadness , depression , anxiety , hopelessness for some just words for some and for others they hold passing understanding but for me and countless others they are day to day emotions that control our every day .
I’ve had a real interest in foraging and this has grown into the herbal / medicinal use of plants and fungi this is largely fuelled by a hope that I may stumble upon a wild ingredient that will help with my own problem .

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Why forage ?? My answer

Whilst out today sporting my basket and several bags of mixed wild foods I attracted the normal funny passing looks and the odd smile , and of course the normal interested party who pluck up the courage to approach me with conversation which always amuses me as I probably would run a mile with the normal questions of “what you doing ?” “What you got there ?”and the most annoying of all “is it safe to eat that ?” But today I was asked a great question by a young couple and they then stuck around and walked for a while whilst I blurted out a response , ” so why do you forage ” My normal answer used to be “

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